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Αισθητική Οδοντιατρική

The term “aesthetics” is not easily defined and holds multiple meanings, indicating the challenge of an objective conceptual approach and reinforcing the subjective perception each of us has towards the term.

An objective approach to the term “aesthetics” that we could adopt is the imitation of the natural, something that Plato accepted in his pursuit of the beautiful.

“Aesthetic dentistry” is a field of dentistry that deals with improving the appearance of teeth and gums. The rapid growth of this field has been significantly driven by the desire for a beautiful smile and the progress of dental materials and techniques.

Numerous studies show that a beautiful smile contributes to an individual’s psychology and self-confidence, reducing insecurity and enhancing self-esteem and socialization. A 2004 study by the American Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry showed that 75% of respondents believe that their advancement in the workplace depends on an attractive and beautiful smile.

Within the realm of aesthetics lies the concept of the “golden ratio” (1/0.618), which in dentistry we utilize to achieve dental proportion and harmony in the six upper front teeth, given their dominant role in smile aesthetics.

In our clinic, we do not consider Aesthetic Dentistry as a separate branch of dentistry, but rather as a parameter taken into account in every dental procedure. We involve our patients in this contemplation, understanding their expectations from the beginning and explaining the possibility of achieving these through a holistic, personalized treatment plan. We aim to achieve harmony in shape and size of teeth in every intervention, copying their natural color through a wide range of shades, opalescence, and transparency, playing with light refraction, reflection, and absorption on and through our materials.

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