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For many years, dental prosthetics were successfully done using metals, creating quality metal-ceramic restorations.

The metal framework was necessary for the restoration’s durability but caused aesthetic problems in construction.

The metal framework, apart from being non-transparent and difficult to bond with ceramics, became visible over time.

The final metal-ceramic work had limitations in transparency, internal light diffusion, and ceramic iridescence.

In our clinic, we highly recommend metal-free prosthetic constructions, whether they are crowns or bridges, after first considering all local and systemic parameters that could limit us. We follow either traditional dental prosthetics or digital dental prosthetics (CAD-CAM), as our clinic has experience in digital processes and invests in innovations and new technologies.

Intraoral scanning (Carestream 3600), impression and die scanning, digital design (CAD Digital Software Exocad), robotic cutting of prosthetic constructions (CAM R5 Vhf), laser sintering (for metal use) are integrated procedures in our clinic’s daily digital dental practice, for a long time now.

Ολοκεραμικές Στεφάνες

The branded all-ceramic biocompatible materials and systems (zirconia, e-max lithium disilicate, feldspathic porcelain, e-max empress) as well as the new polymer materials we apply at Panorama Dental Center are characterized by exceptional stability, strength, hardness, and resistance to abrasion, similar to tooth enamel.

They have high biocompatibility with the gums and oral mucosa.

Our clinic’s expert team’s extensive knowledge and artistic sensitivity are a fundamental prerequisite for aesthetic all-ceramic prosthetic constructions with excellent optical properties, adapted to the oral environment of our patients.

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