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Bonding (tooth reconstruction/reshaping) is the application or reshaping of a tooth using polymer materials (resin) for aesthetic or therapeutic purposes.

Resin in aesthetic dentistry has various applications, including fillings, closing gaps, improving tooth shape, changing tooth color, etc. It is often used to repair fractures in existing restorations. In Greece, this technique is quite popular due to its low cost (compared to ceramic veneers) and its straightforward process (completed in a single session with minimal tooth preparation).

The advantage of this technique, besides what’s been mentioned, is its natural-looking result. Moreover, its material allows for reshaping even years after the restoration, as it can be added, removed, and polished.

A drawback of this technique is the quality of resin material, which can develop porous surfaces over time and can discolor and slightly wear due to patient habits like consuming coffee and tea.

At our clinic, we use layering techniques with resin materials from reputable companies known for their material quality. Our strict protocol, including tooth isolation, along with our clinical and laboratory experience, ensures an aesthetic, biomimetic, and long-lasting result.

Here are some cases of bonding with resin performed at our clinic:

Case 1: Upper lateral incisor bonding after fracture

Case 2: Bonding of upper six anterior teeth

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