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Veneers are specially crafted shells made from a special ceramic (porcelain) material with a thickness ranging from 0.3-0.5 mm (for minor aesthetic interventions on front natural teeth) to 1-1.5 mm (for larger aesthetic and structural modifications).

This ceramic material possesses similar aesthetic properties to natural teeth. Veneers are bonded to the front surface of natural teeth to cover worn enamel, provide uniform alignment of teeth, create a beautiful smile, close gaps, and conceal flaws or cracks in the surface of natural teeth.

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Specifically, veneers address::

Enamel wear over time, caused by factors like consumption of beverages like soda, tea, coffee, smoking, medication use, etc.


Genetic structural irregularities of natural teeth.

Orthodontic issues such as gaps, misalignments, rotations, and tilting of natural teeth.


Lack of uniform and proper arrangement of natural teeth, contributing to a beautiful smile.


Discolorations due to fillings and root canal treatments of natural teeth.

Lack of brightness and aesthetic color rendering that cannot be addressed through teeth whitening.

Dental trauma and missing portions of natural teeth.


Natural teeth with insufficient height.


The prosthetic fabrication of veneers falls under the category of aesthetic dentistry, as they enhance the smile’s aesthetics, aiming for a bright, white smile with beautifully aligned teeth. The semi-translucent ceramic structure of modern veneers offers even more natural appearance than was previously available.

Veneers cover the front surface of the front teeth (upper and lower front teeth) that are visible in a prominent and wide smile.

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The advantages of porcelain veneers include:

Strong bonding to the tooth surface.


Minimal or no tooth reduction required during their construction


Resistance to discoloration and loss of shine over time (unlike resin-based veneers).


Less tooth reduction compared to crown construction.

Long-lasting aesthetic restoration.


Acceptable prosthetic restoration through veneer bonding.


Effective for addressing severely discolored teeth.


Provides the best aesthetic restoration, delivering the desired smile and meeting patient expectations.


It’s important to know that the porcelain (ceramic) material used for veneer construction is highly durable, aesthetic, transparent, and very natural-looking.

The aesthetic restoration procedure of veneers is considered conservative since minimal tooth reduction is necessary. For comparison, in a crown, 63-72% of the tooth’s surfaces are cut, whereas veneers involve only 3-30% reduction, and this reduction is limited to the front portion of the tooth.

At Dental Center Panorama, veneer construction usually requires 3-4 visits to the dentist. During the first visit, the patient’s history is taken, the dentist discusses patient expectations, and the patient is informed about the procedure. Initial impressions are taken (using either conventional or digital methods) for study and simulation purposes. In the second appointment, the simulation (either intraoral or digital) is presented to the patient. In the third visit, the final impression is taken. The last appointment involves the final bonding of veneers onto the natural teeth.

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