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Dental implants are changing people’s lives. They are designed to provide the foundation for prosthetic restorations that replace missing natural teeth, restoring both the aesthetics and the functional value of natural teeth.

Implant therapy is considered a modern and evolving dental treatment procedure, even though it has been in the field of Dental Science for over thirty years.

It represents a specialized, innovative, and preventive (due to the preservation of natural bone and remaining natural teeth) restoration of lost natural teeth.

The high standards of operation at Panorama Dental Center, the continuous education of its members, the principle of industrial approach along with the quality and biocompatible materials applied in our practice, and finally, the innovative techniques selected in our clinic (guided implant surgery) ensure the success of implant placement.

Furthermore, through the prosthetic restoration on the implant (crown, bridge, etc.), retained by the implant, the aesthetics and functional status of the patient are restored.

Our clinic offers the possibility to choose different implant manufacturers and bone regeneration materials (bone grafts, membranes, where necessary e.g. bone deficiencies, tooth extractions), shaping a desired and flexible price range for the overall implantation process. Additionally, our clinic provides prosthetic restoration supported by the implant (crown, bridge, denture), thus offering a comprehensive implant-supported solution for the patient.

Οδοντικά Εμφυτεύματα

The success of the process is determined by:

  • Specialized knowledge in surgical and prosthetic implantology.

  • Proper analysis of conditions and all factors involved in the overall treatment plan.

  • The use of Digital Dentistry, which assists in achieving a successful pre-determined result and helps the patient understand the entire process.

The accompanying video demonstrates the process of “Guided Implant Surgery” implemented at Panorama Dental Center

Οδοντικά Εμφυτεύματα

What Are Dental Implants and What Do They Offer?

A dental implant can be characterized as an artificial root that is embedded in the jawbone. The implant is typically made of titanium. This “artificial” root is usually anchored in the bone, aiming for its stability, a process referred to as osseointegration in the dental field.

It is made from high-quality titanium, and its purity and surface treatment often determine the success of implant therapy.

Dental implants are a reliable alternative therapeutic approach compared to conventional prosthetics (removable dentures, crown/bridge construction, and conventional complete dentures), providing long-term treatment procedures that are biocompatible within the oral environment.

Therapeutic dental approaches through implant placement can help address issues such as single tooth loss, multiple tooth loss, and total tooth loss, providing the following solutions:

For single tooth loss (extraction of a single tooth), implant placement in the extracted tooth’s position can help restore the missing tooth with a single implant-supported crown, avoiding the need to prepare adjacent teeth for a traditional bridge.

In cases of multiple missing adjacent teeth, implant placement allows for the construction of individual implant-supported crowns or an implant-supported bridge. This approach is particularly valuable for replacing all posterior teeth (single-sided or bilateral edentulism), where traditional prosthetics would lead to a removable partial denture due to the absence of posterior abutments. Implant placement provides stable fixed implant-supported solutions.

When replacing a missing front tooth due to congenital absence (e.g., peg-shaped lateral incisors), a dental implant can provide an aesthetic outcome and avoid the need to involve adjacent natural teeth.

Dental implants offer significant solutions for patients with complete edentulism (patients with a full denture). With the placement of two, four, or six implants, implant-supported prosthetic solutions provide stability, retention, comfort, and functional capability that impresses the patient. A characteristic example is the standardized implant-supported complete denture treatment, “All-on-Four” or “All-on-Six.

By implementing implant-supported prosthetic solutions, we act to provide patients with improved aesthetics, comfort, functionality, and psychological well-being:


maintaining the integrity of the adjacent natural teeth (without altering them for the construction of the prosthetic restoration).

Achieving an aesthetic prosthetic

restoration with natural emergence, profile, and protection of the surrounding soft tissues.

Providing a sense of a natural tooth

that harmonizes and functions with the other natural teeth, as opposed to a patient with a removable dental appliance who considers it foreign.

Preventing bone resorption

around the extracted tooth, contributing to the hygiene and aesthetics of the area. Implants maintain facial structure, preventing bone degradation that occurs when teeth are missing.


the patient’s self-confidence and enhancing their social interactions.

Finally, it should be emphasized that the reliability of implant-supported prosthetic solutions offered by Panorama Dental Center is based on long-term studies, research, clinical experience, and the use of pioneering implants from reputable brands, providing implant-supported restorations with quality, aesthetics, and good long-term prognosis.

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