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Digital Impression

Digital Impression is a new process of obtaining impressions through a digital scanner (intraoral camera) that scans teeth and gums internally (360-degree video). This process allows patients to avoid unpleasant conventional impressions that involve using silicon in the mouth. It reduces the time for constructing and delivering prosthetic restorations, and the entire fabrication process (crowns, bridges, implant-supported restorations, etc.) takes place within a beneficial digital environment.

Our clinic utilizes these advantages of Digital Dentistry along with various devices (CBCT cone beam computed tomography, intraoral scanner, CAD-CAM milling machine, 3D printer, etc.) and digital software, following technological innovations applied in the field of Digital Dentistry.

Digital Design (Digital Design)

Panorama Dental Center has access to Digital Design Software {Digital Design Softwares, Simplant ( and Exocad (}, necessary for designing crowns, bridges, veneers, dental alignments, and implant restorations. These software products are classified as medical products, ensuring the validity of our dental treatments with safety, control, and favorable prognosis.

The ability for our dentists to perform the design themselves at Panorama Dental Center provides prosthetic restorations and implant-based therapeutic solutions with high-quality standards promptly. Our patients can receive comprehensive dental restorations quickly without having to go to other facilities (radiological laboratories, dental laboratories, etc.).

Using the Exocad digital software, the Panorama Dental Center and its dentists offer patients custom-made, biocompatible, and highly durable prosthetic restorations (crowns, bridges, veneers, dental alignments, implant-supported structures, etc.).

With the digital software, the “Guided Implant Placement” splint is designed, ensuring the success of surgical implant placements, as well as a comfortable postoperative course.

Digital Impression” (Carestream 3600), the “Cone Beam Computed Tomography” (Carestream 8100 3D), the robotic “CNC milling machine” (Vhf R5), the “Digital Printer” (Asiga Max UV), the Digital Design Software (Simplant & Exocad), as well as the reputable, high-quality, and biocompatible materials used, provide the necessary prerequisites for aesthetic, hygienic, and highly favorable dental work.

Digital Dentistry Software


Panorama Dental Center relies on the design software Simplant by Dentsply/Sirona ( and Exocad ( Simplant by Dentsply/Sirona is a medical design product for the “Guided Implant Placement.” The positions of the implants, identification of anatomical elements of the jaw, depths, and angles of the drillings are virtually designed, and with great ease and safety, the splint is printed.

Similarly, Exocad is widely regarded by many dentists and dental technicians as the best design software for various prosthetic constructions worldwide.

Panorama Dental Center has the latest Full Edition of these software packages, enabling the application of “One Day Dentistry” treatment for its patients by designing personalized prosthetic restorations.

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