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The concept of “One Day Dentistry” includes therapeutic approaches within a few hours. It is a concept that originated from the USA, where a Dental Clinic is equipped with devices, machines, and digital software, along with the necessary knowledge and experience of the medical staff, to implement digital procedures for the construction of prosthetic restorations.

Patients in these Dental Clinics can enjoy prosthetic and implant restorations in a very short period and within innovative digital processes. The safety, validity, and excellent prognosis of these treatments form the basis of these procedures. Moreover, the patients who choose these treatments benefit from greater comfort throughout the process.The classic method of dental impressions using silicone, which can be uncomfortable for the patient, is replaced by “Digital Impression” where an intraoral camera scans the teeth and gums of the oral cavity.

This digitalization of the impressions also allows immediate processing through Design Software right after the Digital Impression. Prosthetic restorations can be milled (using a CNC machine) or printed (using a 3D Printer) within a few hours. This process dramatically reduces treatment time, providing patients with a more comfortable experience during their prosthetic treatment. The same reliability can be achieved with implant treatments. The production of a “Guided Implant Surgery Stent” is generated after taking a Cone Beam CT Scan and a “Digital Impression” within a short period.

Additionally, the restorations of implant-supported prosthetics take only a few hours to mill and complete. Embracing the scientific basis and accuracy of these treatments, Panorama Dental Center has invested in and acquired the necessary equipment and machinery to offer “Digital Dentistry” and “One Day Dentistry” to its patients.

The capabilities provided by the Cone Beam CT Scan (Carestream 8100 3D), Digital Scanner (Carestream 3600), CNC milling machine (R5 Vhf), 3D Printer (Asiga Max UV), sintering & glazing furnaces (Programmat S2 & Programmat 510), digital design software (Simplant Dentsply/Sirona & Exocad), along with knowledge and experience in these protocols, make our clinic a model of a Digital Dental Clinic. Our patients can receive treatments through innovative digital procedures exclusively within our beautiful space, all within our clinic .

Comparison of Conventional Impression with “Digital Impression”

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