Dental Services

In the Dental Center Panorama in Thessaloniki, the Surgeon Dentist Dr Evangelos Ximinis offers a variety of specialized dental services with responsibility and professionalism.

The dental center Panorama partners with specific orthodontists, Endodontics and cosmetic facial surgeon covering an even longer list of dental services.

In detail the surgeon dentist Ximinis Evangelos provides the following:

Preventive Dentistry
Cosmetic Prosthetics
Tooth Whitening
Cosmetic Dentistry (reconstructions of teeth, white fillings)
Prosthetic with classic methods or Robotics (CAD – CAM)
Gum Treatment
Oral Surgery
Crown Constructions – bridges, dentures
Splint Constructions (for: bleaching, bruxism, sports and apnea)
Κατασκευή ναρθήκων (λεύκανσης, βρυγμού, άθλησης και άπνοιας)