Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

“Aesthetics” as a term is very difficult to define and with many meanings, pointing to the inability of an objective approach and the enhancing of our subjective perception of the term. An objective approach to the term “aesthetics” that we could be is the imitation of the natural, something that Plato accepted while seeking the beautiful.

Aesthetic dentistry” is a field of dentistry, which deals with the improvement of the appearance of teeth and gums.

The rapid growth of this sector has been greatly driven by man’s desire for a beautiful smile and the progress of dental materials and applied techniques.

Many research shows that a beautiful smile lends itself to man’s psychology and self-confidence, reducing his insecurity and enhancing self-esteem and socialization.

A 2004 research by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry showed that 75% of people questioned believe that their workplace development also depends on an attractive and beautiful smile. Within the field of aesthetics is the term “golden ratio” (1 / 0.618) which we use in dentistry to give the dental analogy and harmony of the six upper anterior teeth, since they possess the main role in the smile aesthetics.

In our clinic we do not consider Aesthetic Dentistry as an independent dental sector, believing that it is a parameter that we follow in every dental practice. We introduce our patient in this concept by taking in concern his expectations and explaining the possibility of fulfilling them through a holistic, fully personalized treatment plan.

We try to obtain in each of our interventions the harmony of the shape and size of the teeth, copying their natural color through a large gradient of white, with opales and slides, “playing” with the refraction, reflection and absorption of the light above and through our materials.