All-ceramic Inlay - Onlay - Onerlay

Embedded Porcelain is a modern approach to restorative dentistry. We choose them as prosthetic treatment in cases of quite damaged teeth, where a simple filling is not feasible.

Also, in endodontically treated teeth in which a lot of dental substance is usually removed.

Embedded porcelain is basically a whole-ceramic construction that can be made either by the classic prosthetic process (pressed or brazed) or by a digital process (CAM). It represents the tooth surface that has been lost and is adhered to the remaining tooth with special cement.

We could say, for better understanding, that it is a filling that we fabricate out of the oral cavity and later adhere it to the tooth, but we will reduce its value and its multiple assets by associating it with a filling.

Advantage of this technique is the aesthetic, the functional effect and the longevity of the construction, while the disadvantage is the time (two sessions for the classical process are needed) and the cost that approximates that one of the crown.

In our clinic, the disadvantage of a double session is avoided by the digital process, due to the use of CAD CAM technology.

The average life span of it is about 15 years.

Below you can see photos from All-ceramic Inlay – Onlay – Onerlay :