Bonding – Tooth build up

Bonding is the remodeling of a tooth for aesthetic or therapeutic purposes with polymeric materials.

The resin in aesthetic dentistry has multiple uses such as fillings, closure of spaces, tooth shape improvement, tooth color change etc.

Many times with the resin we repair also the fractures of prosthetic restorations.

In Greece it is quite popular because of the low cost (compared to the ceramic veneers) and the easy technique (it is done in one session with minimal tooth grinding).

Other advantage of this technique, besides what we have mentioned above, is considered to be the very natural result that it gives but above all, the possibility of remodeling that has as material (we can remove, add and polish) even years after the end of the restoration.

A disadvantage of the technique is the quality of the resin material which, if tested microscopically, exhibits a porous surface that over time and according to the patient’s diet (coffee, tea, etc.) is discolored and slightly worn out. We estimate that it has an average durability for 7-10 years.

In our clinic we use resins, with the technique of stratification, of award-winning companies for the quality of their materials. The strict protocol we follow, as well as our clinical and laboratory experience, enables us to facilitate an aesthetic, biomimetic and long-term treatment.

Below you can see photos from Bonding – Tooth build up :