White fillings

White fillings

Aesthetic dentistry along with patients’ aesthetic expectations is not limited to the anterior teeth, seeking a beautiful and harmonized image within the whole range of the smile.

In addition, it imposes aesthetic interventions with new materials and new techniques in the posterior areas.

The “black” fillings (amalgam), in addition to the non-aesthetic image they impose, they have been accused for a variety of dental and oral tissue problems. Amalgam is a mixture of metallic materials that are corroded (or oxidized) by oral fluids.

Also, metallic fillings do not bind to the surface of the tooth, creating microbial invasion, resulting in tooth decay and thus necrosis.

Finally, the inelastic nature of this material translates in a wrong way the chewing forces, resulting in frequent fractures of the tooth, which can even lead to the extraction of the tooth.

At Panorama Dental Center, we believe that there is no “space” in modern dentistry for amalgam, suggesting its patients to replace them with constructions (white fillings, inlays, onlays) from biocompatible materials (polymers) with properties similar to the dental tissues.

These aesthetic materials (polymers, complex resins) are characterized by the ability of the “chameleon” with a wide range of colors to accurately resemble the color of the tooth. The physicochemical properties of these materials provide high resistance to the chewing forces, tolerance to oral fluids, excellent aesthetic performance with optics and fluorescence, and excellent surface polishing ability.

In our clinic, we use filling materials from leading research companies, awarded by international dental academies, as well as filling processes (stratification, use of rubber dam) that give security, prognosis and longevity to the fillings.

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