Dental implants

Dental implants change the way people live.

They are designed to provide the foundation for prosthetic restorations, that are used to replace the lost natural teeth.

We must highlight, that they replenish both the aesthetic and the functional value of natural teeth.

Dental implant treatment is considered a modern and evolving treatment process, although there are over thirty years in the field of dental science.

It is a specialised, innovative and preventive (due to the maintenance of the natural bone and the remaining natural teeth) restoration of lost natural teeth.

The high standard’s of Panorama Dental Center, the continuous training of its members, the principle of the biomimetic approach along with the quality and absolutely biocompatible materials that are applied in our office and finally the innovative techniques chosen in our clinic (guided implant surgery) ensure the success of the surgical implant placement.

Also, through the restoration (crown, bridge, etc.) over, held by the implant, the aesthetic and functional condition of the patient are gained back.

Our clinic gives you the opportunity to choose different implant companies and bone remodelling materials (bone grafts, membranes when needed ex. bone deficiencies, tooth extractions), forming a desirable and flexible pricing range of the overall implantation process.

At the same time, our clinic also provides prosthetic restoration that rests on the implant (crown, bridge, denture) thus providing a total implant solution to the patient.
The success of the process is determined by:

  • the specialised knowledge on surgical and prosthetic implantology,
  • the proper analysis of the conditions and all the factors that affect the overall treatment plan,
  • the ability to use Digital Dentistry that provides us with a successful preset result while helping the patient to understand the whole process.

What is and what does dental implants offer?

The dental implant could be characterised as an artificial root immersed in the jawbone.

The construction of the implant is based on titanium.

This “artificial” root is usually screwed into the bone, seeking its stability, which in the dental area is called osteointegration.

It is made of high quality titanium that its purity and the processing of its outer surface often determines the success of implant treatment

Dental implants are a reliable alternative therapeutic approach to classical dental prostheses (natural tooth grinding, crown / bridge construction, and classical denture), giving long-lasting results absolutely biocompatible in the oral environment.

Therapeutic dental approaches through implant placement can help to overcome problems of simple loss of a single tooth, hypodontia (lack of many teeth), and total edentulation (lack of all teeth), giving the following solutions:
In the case of a simple tooth (the extraction of a tooth), placing an implant in the area of the extracted tooth will help to restore the tooth loss with an implanted crown, avoiding the grinding of the adjacent teeth to make a classical bridge.
In the case of multiple losses of adjacent teeth, implant placement(s) will allow us to make individual crown over implant or a bridge over implants. Particularly, important help is provided in the loss of all posterior teeth (single side or both sides). There, the classic prosthetic approach would lead us to the construction of a mobile denture (partial denture) due to the absence of a rear-end tooth that makes it impossible to build a bridge. With the implant placement, we lead to steady implanted prosthetic structures.
In order to restore the loss of an anterior tooth due to a concomitant lack of it (ex lateral incisor), the dental implant is one that can guarantee aesthetic result and avoid the grinding of the adjacent natural teeth.
Dental implants also provide substantial solutions for patients with total edentulation (patients that wear total dentures). With the placement of two or four or six implants or locator implants, they provide prosthetic-implant constructions with stability, restraint, comfort and functionality that impress the patient. Characteristic is the standard implantable prosthetic treatment, “all on four” (see the relevant reference below).

With the application of implantable prosthetic solutions we act:

Preventing, maintaining the integrity of the adjacent natural teeth (not grinding them for prosthetic reconstruction).
Attributing an aesthetic prosthetic structure with normal ascent, profile and protection of the soft tissues that embrace it.
Giving a sense of natural tooth that harmonizes and works with the rest of the natural teeth, as opposed to the patient wearing a mobile denture that considers the construction as “foreign”.
Preventing the absorption of the bone surrounding the extracted tooth, contributing to the hygiene and aesthetics of the area. Implants retain the structure of the face, preventing bone degradation that occurs when teeth are missing.
Restoring the patient’s self-confidence and enhancing his / her social ability.
Finally, the credibility of implantable prosthetic solutions, based on long-term studies, research, clinical experience, and the construction of innovative and brand name implants, which provide lifetime guarantee for their products, must be emphasized.