Full Mouth Restoration with Implants

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Total Mouth Restoration with Implants

Complete loss or poor prognosis of remaining natural teeth often leads to the search for prosthetic restorations supported and connected to a number of dental implants (ranging from 2 to 6 per jaw).

Case 1: Placement of 6 implants in the lower jaw

Having a higher number of implants (4 to 6) in one jaw allows the prosthetic construction to resemble a bridge over naturally contoured teeth. Implants provide stability and comfort to the restoration, giving the patient a fixed prosthesis that resembles their natural dentition.

Case 2: Placement of 6 implants in the upper jaw for a single implant-supported bridge

A smaller number of implants (2 to 4) can securely hold a removable complete denture (full arch prosthesis), providing the patient with confidence and stability. This complete denture will be smaller in size, offering comfort and better taste sensation for the patient.

Case 3: Placement of 2 implants in the lower jaw for stabilizing a complete denture
Images: Guided implant placement, implants with attachments, final complete denture

Implant placements and prosthetic constructions are carried out within Panorama Dental Center, eliminating the need for the patient to be referred elsewhere for treatment. Our clinic’s extensive experience (over 30 years), combined with advanced technology (CBCT scanner, CAD/CAM robotic milling machine, 3D printer, The digital impression scanner, as well as the design software (simplant & exocad), along with the high-quality materials we use, provide the guarantees of a successful surgical implant placement and aesthetic, high-quality implant-supported restoration.

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