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The term “invisible orthodontics,” also known as “orthodontics without braces” or “Invisalign treatment” , refers to the therapeutic process of restoring and correcting orthodontic irregularities using thin, transparent aligners. These aligners are sequentially changed (approximately every 10 days) in the patient’s mouth, progressively moving the teeth towards the desired position. The fabrication of these aligners is based on advanced technology and specialized computer software

“Invisible orthodontics” is a more widely accepted and aesthetically pleasing treatment option for individuals seeking orthodontic therapy compared to traditional “braces.”

The Panorama Dental Center offers this innovative treatment approach for both adolescents and adults. Our responsible dentist, a Platinum Invisalign Provider, designs, monitors, and guides the orthodontic treatment to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes.

Λεύκανση Δοντιών

Οι δυο διαφορετικές ορθοδοντικές θεραπείες. “Αόρατη Ορθοδοντική” απέναντι στα “Σιδεράκια”.

Λεύκανση Δοντιών

Ορθοδοντικά προβλήματα που αντιμετωπίζονται με την “Αόρατη Ορθοδοντική” Invisalign.


  • The aligners are made from transparent hypoallergenic material that doesn’t injure the gums, lips, or the inside of the cheeks. They are well-tolerated by the patient.
  • They are “invisible” to conversational partners, providing comfort in work or school environments.
  • They can be easily removed and stored during meals or important personal, professional, or social occasions.
  • They improve oral hygiene, as they can be removed for thorough brushing, unlike “traditional braces,” which can lead to gum inflammation due to inadequate brushing. 

The treatment can be managed remotely since aligner changes are straightforward.   

Stages of Treatment

The process of “Invisible Orthodontics – Invisalign” can be described in three stages:

Stage 1

During the initial appointment, our clinic’s dentists strive to understand the patient’s expectations for orthodontic treatment and explain the recommended personalized treatment using “invisible aligners.” After a detailed oral clinical examination, X-rays, photographs, and impressions of the jaws are taken using either traditional methods or digital intraoral scanning.

At the second appointment, the patient is presented with a three-dimensional video (clincheck) demonstrating the weekly changes each aligner will bring to the tooth positions, as well as the final result of the treatment. This clincheck is created and controlled by innovative computer software, illustrating all necessary tooth movements to achieve the desired outcome. Simply put, the patient can preview the final result of the proposed treatment with “invisible aligners” and see the final appearance of their smile BEFORE STARTING THE TREATMENT.

This way, patients at Panorama Dental Center can see their face’s final appearance and smile before commencing orthodontic treatment.

Stage 2

After clincheck approval, all aligners are fabricated externally and delivered to the patient. These aligners are changed every 10 days by the patient without requiring their presence at our clinic, in some cases of orthodontic irregularities.

Stage 3

After completing the treatment, and after confirming the final result alignment with the clincheck, the final positions of the teeth are retained either using a final aligner (Retainer) worn during nighttime sleep by the patient or by permanently attaching a discreet “orthodontic bar.”.

Thin, opaque and comfortable splint as a means of invisible orthodontic treatment.


The use of “invisible aligners” is a modern, innovative solution for almost all orthodontic issues.

The choice of treatment ensures a more patient-friendly experience, catering to both minors and adult patients.

Panorama Dental Center, having confidence in its results, offers this treatment with great success. The cost of the treatment can be paid upfront, in installments, or using a debit/credit card.

Initial and final photographs of patients from our clinic after Invisalign treatment.

CASE 1 (15-year-old girl)

CASE 2 (14-year-old boy)

More cases from our clinic with Invisalign treatment are presented in “Clinical Cases” in the “Invisible Orthodontics – Invisalign” group.

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